Twelve Two Music can be used by individuals, families, churches…anyone who desires to memorize God's word and could use a catchy tune to help.

One new song per week: One idea is to choose a song and listen to it several times in a row in the morning and evening for a full week until it's memorized. We think you will find yourselves singing them throughout the day!

We hope to be able to contribute one new song to this website each week to allow you to continue memorizing throughout the year. If you homeschool, you could do this along with your other school work or during your family worship time. If one per week is too much, try one every two weeks.

The original idea behind Twelve Two Music was to create songs for families to learn together, however anyone can use them! We strongly believe that it is the responsibility of God-fearing parents to disciple their own children. We hope these songs will help you do just that! Obviously, there are plenty of ways to use these songs, so we pray that they can be a blessing to all who desire to have God's Word hidden in their hearts.